︎ THE BLUE, THE PINK, THE IMMATERIAL, THE VOID, co-curator, Austrian Cultural Forum London, London, May–July 2022 

︎ No horizon, no edge to liquid, co-curator, Zabludowicz Collection, London, January–February 2020

︎ we [ breathe ] in the space between, co-curator, Artists Studio Company MIR — Former Rotherhithe Police Station, November 2019

︎ Strange Encounters, solo-show as artist and curator, Central Saint Martins SU Space, London, November 2019

︎ Fred Hunter: Radio as Current, co-curator, Central Saint Martins Window Gallery, April 2019

︎ The Department of Non-Binaries, group exhibition as artist, FIKRA Graphic Design Biennial 01, Sharjah UAE, November 2018

︎ Strange Encounters, solo-show as artist and curator, Samuel J. Zacks Gallery, Toronto, May–June 2015

︎ From Roses to Text, as artist and curator, TEL Building, York University, Toronto, July 2014