Metamorphoses is a book of transformation. Metamorphoses depicts multiple transformations of patterns that investigate a systematic change of one form to another. In these patterns, geometric patterns turn into decorative floral, animal and people motifs. In visually representing the transformation of patterns, an “in-between” temporal space opens up an area where new hybrid forms are registered. In this space, original forms shed their fixed representation and become something new. The new, “foreign” form reveals the interstitial and becomes an unstable element of linkage. It becomes the indeterminate temporality of the in-between, engaged in creating conditions through which newness comes into the world. In the in-between space of transformation, foreign forms destroy the original structure of the pattern, reference and sense of communication as well. The in-between forms are discomforting and have a sense of eeriness as they no longer resemble their former selves. This new hybrid form has a chaotic and disruptive presence and requires the viewer to be open and acceptable to the idea of change and transformation. Change and transformation however can be a daunting experience.

This book is a hybrid in its production. It is screen-printed, inkjet printed French-folded and hand-bound.

13 x 12 in, April 2015